Tranent Children's Gala Day

"Proud To Be A Belter" 

"Lie Forrit"

The Friends Of Tranent Gala


About Friends Of Tranent Gala

'Friends of Tranent Gala' was a started in 2014 and proved to be a great success in fundraising for the Gala. 

Everyone in the community can help raise funds and be recognised for this by having their name put on this page and also in the Gala programme. 

Become A Friend

If you would like to become a 'Friend of Tranent Gala' email the Friends of Tranent Gala Coordinator at [email protected]

It costs £10 to become a member and needs to be paid annually to remain a member.

Friends of Tranent Gala

Shamin Akhtar

The Al-Sharif Family

Muriel Baines

Douglas Berwick

Anne Birkett

Paul, Louise & Sadie Blyth

Linda Bradford

Tony Bradford

Karen Brett

James Bruce

Hazel Brunton (Douglas)

Don & Helen Carey

Mrs Cowe

Sheila Dales

Carol Anne Darling (McCran)

Alex and Lesley Dodds

Keith & Marilyn Douglas

Bobby & Elaine Duncan

Caroline Donlevy

Judith Dunn

David Fleming

Scott, Mags & Mia Foster

Jim Gillies

Anne Glynn (Forbes)

Fay Glynn

Carol Glynn

Scott Glynn

Alison Gordon

Donald Grant

Elizabeth Grant

Iain Gray MSP

Gail & Derek Halliday

Yvonne Hart & Family

Diane Hennig

George & Lynn Herkes

Donna Hill

Marion Hoggan

Grace Hood

Brian Hutchison

Libby, Morven & Jade Inglis

Janette Jack

Heather Johnstone

Jenni Jolly

Logan Kennie

Forever Kerry

Claire Knox

Lindsay Knox

Ronnie Knox

Wilna Knox

Fiona & Frank Kilfedder

Christine Lawrie (Todd)

Helen Leishman

Jim Little

Tom Logan

Martina Lusk

Doreen Mack

Eleanor Mack

Anne & Bobby Marr

Colin and Jackie Martin

The Marsh Family

Andrena Mathieson

Jim & Jane McCran

Kenneth & Ina McCran

Grace & Jim McDonald

Wendy McFadden

Angela & Greg McGinn

Pamela McGowan

Sandra McIntyre

Jill McKeown (Hood)

Craig & Pamela McKinlay

James McLeish

Kenny & Catherine McLeod

George & Veronica McMillan

W & M Milne

Douglas Mitchell

Moira Mitchell

Katrina & Andi Monaghan

Alana Moore (Smith)

Elaine Neilson

Sharon Nichol

Fiona O’Donnell

Jim Patterson

Nancy Patterson

Pauline Pattison (Hall)

Mrs Renton

Louise & Niamh Renwick

Karen & Kenny Ritchie

Brian & Isobel Robertson

Victoria & Raymond Robertson

Derek &Donna Ross

Paul Ross

Rachel Ross

Alison Scott

Laura Scott

Willie & Jean Scott

Ann Smith

Colin & Gillian Smith

Elaine Smith (Hazzard)

Jodi Smith

Anne Somerville

St Martins Parent Council

Maureen Steele

Evelyn Stevenson

Brian & Sharon Stirling

Jim & Margaret Tait

Isa Thomson

Rose Thomson

Keith & Ann Turnbull

Pamela Verhoef (Dickson)

Joyce and Jim Wadula

Paul & Paula Waugh (Knox)

Linda Welsh

Carol & Bill Wightman

Katie Wilkie

Nicola & Craig Wylie

Caroline Yorkston

Dawn Nicolson