Tranent Children's Gala

"Proud To Be A Belter" 

"Lie Forrit"

About The Gala


It All Began in 1934

Tranent Gala was formed in 1934 by the miners of Tranent who had the vision of bring the community together for a special family day. The Gala has been held at various venues in Tranent including Polson Park, the Juniors football field and Ross High Playing Field where we still have part of it today.

In the last 85 years the Gala has continued to be held annually with the exception of the 5 years during the second World War.

When Is The Gala?

The Gala is Held Annually starting on The 1 Sunday in June and ending 7 days later following what is known as the Civic Week.

There are events most days during the Civic Week these are organised by the committee and different community groups.

What do the Committee Do?

The Gala Committee organise not only the Gala Day but also a Family Halloween Disco, Winter Wonderland, the Grand Parade and all the fundraising activities throughout the year. 

The Gala Committee are all volunteers who give up their time to keep this traditional event ongoing.

Do Local Businesses, Groups and Influencers Get Involved?

It's not possible to run the Gala without the help and support of local businesses, community groups and schools.

Proud To Be A Belter and want to help out? We welcome everyone who wants to lend a hand whether it's by joining the committee or coming along to help at the fundraisers. We appreciate all the help.

Message of Thanks